Volume 1: Mi vida en la universidad

Volume 1: Mi vida en la universidad


The title of this book is Trayectos, which in Spanish means pathways. We have developed the material in this volume to guide your learning process and your pathway of discovery of the Spanish-speaking world with the objective to prepare you linguistically and culturally to use Spanish to communicate with speakers in this country and around the world.

Each instructional module in Trayectos will offer cultural and linguistic information, and ample opportunities to use Spanish in three modes of communication: Interpersonal (oral interactions with other speakers), interpretive (reading and listening comprehension), and presentational (writing). Also, we will help you make connections between grammatical forms and the social contexts in which you use them.

In this instructional module, we will start learning about Hispanic Texas. Can you name some places in Texas with Spanish names? What do you know about the Hispanic presence in Texas? Write down some ideas, and then discuss them with the rest of your class.

Are you ready to start your learning process? Entonces, ¡comencemos a descubrir! (So, let’s start our discovery!)