Para terminar… Proyecto digital

ILLO 0.11 Introducción al proyecto del Volumen II

The objective of this assignment is for your class to develop a digital magazine that will provide information about the members of the class in relation to the topics discussed in class to Spanish speakers in this country and abroad. Each student in your class will work on his/her personal profile throughout the semester. The work will be divided into 3 different parts (Part 1, Part 2, and Part 3). You will also collaborate with your classmates in the revision and improvement of the work produced.

The instructions offered in these sections will be complemented with those provided by your instructor.

Primera parte: En mi tiempo libre 

Attribution: By Wiltshire Council, licensed under CC BY 2.0.

In this module you will talk about your favorite activities and hobbies.

I. Antes de escribir

Use the questions that follow to organize your ideas. Your instructor can help you with words or constructions that are unfamiliar to you.

  1. ¿Qué actividades haces en tu tiempo libre? Escribe al menos cuatro actividades.
  2. ¿Con quién pasas tu tiempo libre?
  3. ¿Por qué te gustan estas actividades? ¿Con quién haces estas actividades?
  4. ¿Cuáles son tus lugares favoritos para pasar tu tiempo libre?
  5. Usando los adjetivos en este módulo, describe los lugares. Usa comparativos y superlativos en tu descripción.
  6. ¿Por qué vas allí? ¿Qué actividad haces allí?
  7. ¿Con quién vas a esos lugares? ¿Por qué?
  8. ¿Qué haces los fines de semana?

II. A escribir

Now write your paragraph and…

  • Pay attention to gender and number when you use articles, adjectives (including comparatives and superlatives), and nouns and to the correct verb conjugations.
  • Use connectors and conjunctions to connect your ideas. For example, use y, también (also), además (also), pero (but), aunque (even though), ya que (because), entonces (so), etc. Your instructor can help you to use these words correctly.
  • Complement your paragraph with:
    • At least one photo that shows you doing your favorite activity.
    • Additional photos (a maximum of two) of: 1. Your favorite place; 2. You and your friends enjoying your free time.
    • If you use photos that you have not taken, please do not forget to cite the source. We recommend that you use Creative Common photos (CC, CC BY, CC BY-SA). You can search for this type of photos on

III. Después de escribir

Now read your paragraph, and focus on the following:

  • Content: Have you included all the information required? Are your photos big and clear enough to convey your message?
  • Grammar:
    • Articles, adjectives, and nouns: Do they agree in gender and number?
    • Verbs: Have you conjugated your verbs correctly?
    • Reflexive verbs: Have you used the correct reflexive pronoun and conjugation?
    • Cohesion: Have you connected your ideas with the suggested connectors and conjunctions?

Go over your text, improve it, and write a new, polished version.

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