Antes de partir…

¡Misión cumplida!

We have reached the end of Módulo 2. Go back to the first part of the module, and review what you have accomplished. Check the outcomes you have achieved. What are you proud of? What aspects of your Spanish would you like to improve? ¡Buen trabajo!

Summary of contents


Talk about the kind of food you prefer: Ingredientes y vocabulario adicional.

Talk about the kind of clothes you prefer. 


The present tense of stem-changing verbs (e→ie; o→ue; u→ue; e→i)

The present tense of the verb estar and the present progressive (gerund)

Recommendations with tener que


Trayectos hispanos: Tradiciones y herencias culinarias


Mis palabras

In your Spanish notebook, write down other words and phrases you learned in this module. 

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