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ILLO 0.1 Los hispanos hablan

One of the most interesting aspects of Spanish is its variety of accents. Even though the language is the same, people from, for example, Argentina sound very different from people from Mexico, or Spain, or the Spanish speakers in Texas. Throughout the textbook, we will include audio and video clips featuring speakers with different accents. This is your first exposure to four different accents. Let’s see how much you can understand. Don’t worry: The speakers will be using the same words and structures you have learned in this module. These four speakers are Spanish instructors at a university in Texas. Listen to what they say (click on the sound icon next to each instructor), and fill in the table below with information you hear.

Instructor/Instructora Instructora 1
Instructor 2 
Instructora 3 
Instructora 4 
¿Cómo se llama?
¿De dónde es?
¿Cuál es su lugar favorito en el campus?
¿Cuántos días tiene (has) clases?
¿Cuántas clases tiene (has)?
¿Cuántos estudiantes hay en su clase?