Para terminar… ¡Conversemos!

ILLO 0.4 Busco apartamento

Trabaja con un@ compañero@ y practica tu español en estas situaciones sociales. You need to use the vocabulary and structures you have learned so far. Change roles and partners after practicing each situation once.

Attribution: By Tulane Public Relations, licensed under CC BY 2.0.

Conversación 1 (You can use the conversation between Kate and the real estate agent as example.)

Estudiante 1. You want to rent out your apartment during the summer. Now you are having a phone conversation with someone that is interested in renting it. Make sure you provide as much information as you can about your apartment.

  • Ask what the person does and when he/she wants to rent the apartment;
  • Ask if he/she has pets (mascotas);
  • Describe the apartment and give information about rooms;
  • Tell the person about the neighborhood (barrio), neighbors (vecinos), and rent (how much it is per month).

Estudiante 2. You’re going to take classes during the summer, and you need a find an apartment to rent. Now you are having a phone conversation with someone that wants to rent out his/her apartment.

  • Say that you are interested in the apartment (use the phrase tener interés por [don’t forget to conjugate the verb!]);
  • Answer the person’s questions;
  • Ask questions about the apartment and the rooms/furniture in it;
  • Inquire about the neighborhood (barrio) and neighbors (vecinos);
  • Make a decision based on what the owner of the apartment tells you.

Conversación 2

Estudiante 1. You are a real estate agent in El Paso. You work with Spanish speakers. You get a call from a client. Using the information in the floor plans below, answer his/her questions. Discuss what the houses are like (rooms, furniture), the neighborhood (barrio), prices, etc. Useful expressions: pies cuadrados (square feet), propiedad/propiedades, en venta (for sale). Use the vocabulary and structures we saw in this module.

Attribution: By Forest City Communities, licensed under CC BY 4.0

Estudiante 2. You are a Spanish speaker in El Paso. You want to buy a house for your family. You have a spouse and three children. Call a real estate agent. Tell this person about your family and what kind of house you want (e.g., number of bedrooms, bathrooms, etc.). Find out what the houses he/she offers you are like. Ask questions about rooms, amenities, neighborhood (barrio), prices, etc.

Now it’s time to synthesize and apply everything we have learned in this module. Let’s go to