Voces de nuestro mundo

Voces de nuestro mundo

Introduction to this section

The objective of this section is to offer students the opportunity to learn more about the daily life of people in diverse communities in the Spanish-speaking world. The tasks included are based on multimodal ensembles that connect learners to authentic texts through different modes of communication (e.g., audio, visual elements, writing, music, etc.). In addition, the materials used address important social issues and involve students in tasks that not only promote the use of Spanish, but also critical thinking.

Even though the tasks in this section are CC BY-SA, the materials on which some of them are based are copyrighted. The copyrighted resources are used with the producers’ permission (see attribution notes below each resource), and you cannot download and/or use them in your derivatives.

Attribution: Pure Diversity. By Mirta Toledo, licensed under CC BY-SA 4.0.