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Trayectos was conceived by Dr. Gabriela C. Zapata, Professor in the Department of Hispanic Studies at Texas A&M University, as part of the Open Educational Resources Initiative she started in Fall 2017.

This project has been sponsored in part by the Center for European Studies at the University of Texas at Austin, which is a designated Dept. of Education National Resource Center for the grant period 2018-2022 under award number P015A180015.

Project Leaders

Dr. Gabriela C. Zapata

Alessandra Ribota (graduate student)

Creative Team

Volume 1

Textbook Author: Dr. Gabriela C. Zapata

Textbook Collaborators:

Graduate Students: Zaida Aguilar, Leanee Díaz Sardiñas, Amy King, Alessandra Ribota, Damián Robles, Paloma Serrano

Undergraduate Students: Marlenie Arzamendi, Sara Marie Berrett, Allison Beatty, Amy Beristain, Bailey Buchanan, Karina Cabrera, Carolina Cantú, Aimar Díaz, Efraín Hernández, Eileen Lynch, Dylan Manshack, Verónica Martínez, Rachael McBride, Jocelyn Rodríguez, Mariana Salazar, Paola Sparagana, Faith Villarreal

Workbook Author: Paloma Serrano

Volume 2

Textbook Authors: Dr. Gabriela C. Zapata and Alessandra Ribota

Undergraduate Collaborators: Riley Brown, Victoria González, Andrea Miranda-Paez, Andrés Ríos, Alexis Rupert

Workbook Author: Zaida Aguilar

Voces de nuestro mundo

Author: Dr. Gabriela C. Zapata

Teacher’s Manual Authors

Julia Sanz and Dr. Gabriela C. Zapata

Prototype Illustrations

Juan Carlos Zapata

Final Illustrations

Nathalie Steinfeld Childre, COERLL (Center for Open Educational Resources and Language Learning)

Technology and Instructional Design Support

Dr. Carl Blyth, COERLL

Sarah Sweeney, COERLL

Nathalie Steinfeld Childre, COERLL