How to incorporate “Y después…” in your lesson plan

The section Y después… synthesizes use, form, and culture through students’ use of the language to work with different kinds of texts, thus epitomizing Learning by Design‘s principles and knowledge processes.

We suggest you work with these sections in this way (example based on Y después… Uso, forma y cultura: El Día de la Madre):

1. Plan to introduce these activities towards the end of a class period, and do the first part with your students:

2. Assign the activities that require reading or viewing for homework:

3. Next class: Check your students’ work, and complete the rest of the activities in class. Organize students in pairs and/or groups to facilitate their task:

4. If the section incorporates work with other texts and/or research tasks, you can assign them for homework, and discuss your students’ work the following class:

Important: These activities are based on authentic materials, so some of your students might complain about not understanding everything, and they might feel frustrated and stressed out. Therefore, it is crucial that you train your students to work with these kinds of resources. Emphasize the importance of understanding the main ideas of a text and not every single word, and to concentrate on the tasks they need to complete. Also, provide them with strategies, clear instructions, and modeling. Resort to pair and group work to facilitate your students’ work. ¡Sí se puede!