What is “Práctica individual”?

ILLO 0.17 Let’s talk about Práctica individual

At the bottom of most of the sections in each module, there are links to activities that provide learners with more opportunities to use the structures learned. These exercises are self-correcting, and can be completed individually.

This is the way we suggest this section should be used:

  1. Assign these activities for homework. These are discrete-point exercises, and they should not be done in class. Class time should be used for students’ active use of Spanish for communication.
  2. If you want to verify that students have completed the assigned homework, you have two possible options:

a. Email: You can ask your students to email you their results using the button provided at the bottom of all the activities.

b. Screenshots: You can ask your students to take a screenshot of their completed work, and then to share it with you. For example, they could do this via email, a Google folder, or your institution’s LMS.